Dr Eric Westman – Duke University

Ketosis Diet: Dr Eric Westman – Duke University New Atkins Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss and Health. PAGE 4: docs.google.com Thinking about trying the diet? Click here to get lots of free friendly advice and support from the low carb community at reddit www.reddit.com Used under creative commons licence not for commercial gain. Dr. Eric C. Westman is an Associate Professor of Medicine at Duke University, and Director of the Duke Lifestyle Medicine Clinic. He is a co-founder of Innovative Metabolic Solutions – www.dukehealth.org www.youtube.com

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19 thoughts on “ Dr Eric Westman – Duke University

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  2. Brenda Canavas

    great presentation..been low carbing for 13 years and it’s a healthy way to eat..you covered this diet well!

  3. drcldrcl

    Yes, some cancers do require excessive amounts of sugar because they rely on glycolysis. This is known as the Warburg effect. PET/CT scans to detect cancer relies on this principle. Removing available sugar can prevent some cancers from growing.

    I am not a doctor, I only posted this video; cancer is a highly complex subject and each type of cancer is different. It has even been suggested that some cancers may grow faster in the presence of ketones or fatty acids (no observation yet though).

  4. ktuanis

    How about kitogenic diet for people fighting cancer. I hear it is a good diet to kill cancer cells. Cancer cells feed on sugar.

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  12. drcldrcl

    it is possible to do vegetarian keto, but vegan is probably impossible unless you ate most avocados, macadamia nuts and coconut oil

  13. Goyim9

    I guess you missed the part in your journal article where Libby says that lipid-lowering is inherently anti-inflammatory. And that low cholesterol stabilizes arterial plaques in animal experiments.

    He’s not a confusionist like you. He understands the importance of low cholesterol

  14. Maire Juana

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  15. drcldrcl

    You kinda have it backwards. Cholesterol from LDL or HDL in some cases ends up in the lumen because of some initial inflammation – it’s an immune response – ie damaged tissue. Didn’t you ever consider why diabetics are more at risk – because glucose causes glycation. Yes it’s true that if LDL stays in the blood too long it may end up getting oxidized but isnt that an argument against eating PUFAs as they are more prone to creating a peroxidation chain reaction? READ THE JOURNALS PLEASE!

  16. Goyim9

    You missed my point. You can’t say that cholesterol is harmless simply because our body makes it and requires it. Our body makes glucose and needs it for a number of things, but if blood glucose is too high, that’s not good. Every chemical in the body has a healthy range.

    When there’s too much LDL in the bloodstream, it diffuses through the artery wall and oxidizes, which attracts macrophages. The macrophages turn into foam cells which burst, depositing cholesterol in the intima.


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